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Get Ready With Me & My Ever Need

Is anyone else feeling the need to get ready after being home in sweats day after day?! I decided to put on a fresh f...

50 Items That Fit In Your Aerosol Case

How many of us have used a plastic zipper bag  to haul our liquid items around???  After one to many liquid explosion...

What's Hiding In Your Makeup Bag? (And How to Clean It!)

Does anyone else find it shocking how quickly the inside of your makeup bag gets caked with broken powders, mascara...

Refreshing Your Look For The New Year

With the New Year (and new decade) in full swing, we’ve been hearing lots of talk about personal goals and themes f...

Sly Beauty Bag Stuffers

Looking for the perfect gift for a lady in your life??? Sly Beauty's got you covered! We've assembled the perfect l...
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