Our Year in Review

Our Year in Review

There’s no denying that 2020 was filled with ups and downs. We are so grateful to EVERY single person who has supported our small business this year. We really mean it when we say we couldn’t have survived it without each of you. 

Sly Beauty has grown in ways we could have never anticipated this year...here are a few of our highlights we never want to forget.

Celebrated our 1st Birthday 
We wrapped up our first year of business and got started on year two! We still can’t believe the growth we have seen in such a short amount of time...all thanks to YOU!

Grew our amazing team
We added three new fabulous ladies to the team this year-our Creative Director, Lei, Isabel to our shipping team, and Alison as our PR Coordinator. They have each added so much to Sly Beauty and we are so overjoyed to have them on board.
Launched new product

We expanded the Sly Beauty brand beyond what we could have ever dreamed-introducing the Tool Bag, Makeup Brushes, the Lip Luggage, and our first special collection colors in the Ever Needs, Aerosols, and Horizon Duos! 

We have SO MUCH goodness to share with you in this coming year and we cannot wait to share all the news! We truly mean it when we say it, you are the reason we are here today. THANK YOU for an amazing year. 

XOXO-The Sky Beauty Team
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