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50 Items That Fit In Your Aerosol Case

How many of us have used a plastic zipper bag  to haul our liquid items around???  After one to many liquid explosion...

What's Hiding In Your Makeup Bag? (And How to Clean It!)

Does anyone else find it shocking how quickly the inside of your makeup bag gets caked with broken powders, mascara...

Video gallery

Tutorials on all the many amazing features of The Ever Need cosmetic bag. 

Brush Case

Our brush case is included with The Ever Need. It is one of the most exciting features of our bag! It keeps your beautiful brushes safe but still practical for everyday use!

Removable Organizational Compartments

Different days, events and vacations call for different cosmetics needs. We love that you can remove all the organizational compartments to allow for an open concept bag! 

Sleek Mirror

Our Sleek Mirror now comes with The Ever Need! We feel that this completes your cosmetic case experience and is perfect for on the go! 

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