"I wanted to create a bag that not only cosmetics connoisseur would love and understand, but something for the everyday individual that would make life easier in a beautiful way." - Ashley Sylvester, Owner/Founder


I love my Ever Need!! I don’t use a lot of make up but I have soooo many products for my hair care and the fact that it can fit ALL of my hair care products is amazing! I also just love how pretty it is and I’m always getting compliments on it. The Ever Need is the type of bag that everyone can benefit from!

Ellie M.

Im obsessed with my Ever Need! It sits perfectly on my counter, and looks so chic! I use it not just for my makeup, but my skincare as well!! Best purchase ever!

Kara S.

The perfect bag not only for makeup, but also for my hair combs, tooth brush, and anything else I could possibly need! 

Taya M.

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