Why Mother's Day is Special To Me

Why Mother's Day is Special To Me


Mothers Day is my favorite day of the year and will forever hold a special place in my heart! One year ago, on April 30th, 2019, I lost my beautiful, incredible mother to cancer. She fought a valiant fight and had grace through to the end. She was caring, loving and centered her life around the service of others. She was the homemaker, cook, house cleaner, classroom helper, shoulder to cry on, along with anything else in the world that her children needed. She was truly selfless and the most christlike individual that I will ever know.


Though days without my mamma are so very hard, Mothers Day is a day I choose to celebrate her! Celebrate everything that she was and STILL is! Celebrate her beautiful life and reflect on all the wonderful memories I have with her. Along with imagining all the important work she is doing in heaven to serve! How lucky am I to have an Angel mother to be with me always.


Mothers wear so many different hats. They are truly superwoman and I was lucky enough to be raised by one of the best. With all the many task mothers have on their todo list, taking time for themselves tends to land and the bottom of the list. We design all of our products for you to have a special place for all of your cosmetics, but also to remind you to take time out of your day for yourself! 


Sly Beauty Cosmetics wants to honor all mothers by offering 25% off your purchase. This is our biggest sale of the year because we think no one deserves to be pampered more than our mothers. And don’t forget out specialty Mother’s Day gift boxes. They are gorgeous, high quality boxes that make for the perfect gift for the mother in your life! 



Celebrate with us and pamper your mamma this year with Sly Beauty Cosmetics! 

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