Get To Know Us: The Sly Beauty Team

Get To Know Us: The Sly Beauty Team

We are so excited to finally introduce you to the Sly Beauty Cosmetics team! These are the women who make it happen behind the scenes. Get to know each of them a little better below!

My name is Michelle Tilby - I work as a Graphic Designer at Sly Beauty! I create the graphics, ads, email campaigns and various stories for our social content. I have absolutely loved being able to be creative every single day. Whether it's designing a newsletter for our email subscribers, or creating an instagram giveaway story, I get the chance to design something beautiful with Sly Beauty.
As a long time lover of beauty products, this is a dream job for me! I feel so lucky to work with such an incredible team of women who are all so inspiring. 

I am Paige Sovic and I am a commercial photographer.  Each day, I am photographing and editing with the intent of producing a clean images that meet brand aesthetic and communicate brand identity and vision.  I love that I get to work in such a creative way, and work along side powerful women who inspire me.  I am a wife, and mother to 3 children who are my world.  I feel incredibly blessed to have my dream job, and although the “starving artist” is the running joke, the world truly needs talent and art of all kinds.  I hope to teach my children that there is space for everyone to do what they love and to pursue a career in something they are passionate about.
   Hi my name is Hanna Ross and I work as a Shipping and Fulfillment Manager. My daily tasks for work are printing packing slips and labels and fulfilling the orders. I enjoy working with such great women and I learn from each of them. I love the product that I fulfill. When I fulfill these orders I’m excited for the client to receive them because I Love the product so much! I Love being around my family and friends and want to make sure others are included and feel accepted. I Love To do things outdoors. 
My names Isabelle and I fulfill orders! A day of work for me usually looks like printing the packing slips and labels and pulling products off the shelf to get them packaged! I enjoy spending time with my co-worker, Hanna. My favorite product we carry is the lip luggage. It’s so useful and convenient to take around on all my daily tasks! One of my favorite things to do outside of work is paint and listen to music! 


My name is Megan Harmer, I am Head of Operations! My daily tasks include: managing customer service emails, Social media response, and coordinating with different people to ultimately keep everything running smoothly for the company. I’m in constant communication with Ashley throughout the day to make sure we both are on the same page with different tasks. Something I absolutely enjoy about my job is knowing that I am not just part of a company, I am part of a community… a family! I love that we are always looking for ways to empower others! One Thing I love to do is Sing; for several years, I would perform musical numbers for different events, and now I mostly just sing in the car. I’m so grateful for the talent of being able to sing, it’s something that brings me a lot of joy! 


Hi! My name is Mallory Oliverson-I head up all things social media! I’m a mama of a 2 year old girl, Rory Pearl, with one more baby on the way (some days it’s glamorous, other days I’m scrubbing unmentionables out of the carpet while on a zoom call...) I am currently restoring our 1949 home with my husband and love all things home and design.  I’m convinced I have the BEST job for the BEST company on the planet. I love working on an all woman team and believe that when women work together we can change the world!
I am the Creative Director, and I plan, execute, and create all of the photoshoots! The photos you see on the Instagram feed are all from the photoshoots I design. I come up with concepts for shoots and pick the models. My favorite thing about my job is I love all the creative control I get. Being able to have these ideas and visions that I’ve created in my head, come to life is such a surreal experience. After every shoot I’m always shocked that this is what I get to do, and I love it so much!
A little bit about me, I’m a senior at Utah State University studying Public Relations. I’m a true-blooded Aggie through and through. I don’t know what life has for me once I graduate but I’m excited to begin that journey in the next coming months.
My name is Ashley Sylvester and I am the owner and creator of Sly Beauty Cosmetics! I feel so blessed to have such an incredible group of women that make up the Sly Beauty team! 'Im excited to highlight each of them and for you to get to know more about who they are and the roles that they play!
As for me, one of my largest and most exciting tasks in product development. I spend a good portion of my time researching, talking with my manufacturers, approving samples, and tracking shipments. I feel so passionate about creating products that solve a problem in the beauty industry. And the only reason I am able to focus on these important details is because of my team! They take care of so many other tasks and allow me to put my attention towards the things I am best at! Lucky me! I also do most of the back end business things.. such as files, reports, finances, and help head operations.
Something to know about me is that friendship is VERY important to me. I have the most amazing girl group and friends that I have known since highschool! I wouldn't trade my sista's for anything in the world. We spend at least one night a week eating good food, laughing, talking late into the night, and having a good therapy/cry session. These girls make me who I am! 
Thank you for being here! Thank you for being a support to my small business and loving our products as much as we do! We love our customers more than you know. Because non of this would be possible without each of you! 
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