What's Hiding In Your Makeup Bag? (And How to Clean It!)

Does anyone else find it shocking how quickly the inside of your makeup bag gets caked with broken powders, mascara smudges, and the occasional random (but dreaded) tooth paste smudge?
Not only does your makeup bag get dirty with every day items like listed above, but researchers say thousands of different germs can be found in a cosmetics bag-including some pretty scary names, E.coli and bacteria. And this is what we are putting on our face everyday!
While simple maintenance is crucial to keeping your makeup routine germ free (like cleaning makeup brushes and throwing out expired/old makeup), it is also crucial that you keep what holds your cosmetics clean...your makeup bag! Before you panic and throw out your makeup bag, Sly Beauty's got you covered. While most cosmetic bags have no way of thoroughly cleaning your bag, our Ever Need was designed with cleanliness in mind. 
Cleaning your Ever Need only takes a couple of minutes and steps. All you'll need are disinfecting wipes to get the job done.
Start by taking out the removable compartments inside your Ever Need. If you happen to have a lot of broken powder at the bottom of your bag, we recommend vacuuming the excess powder out of your bag first to prevent it from spreading. Once you've done this, simply wipe down your bag with the disinfecting wipes until clean.                                


Can you believe the before and after of our Ever Need?! We truly mean it when we say this bag will last you forever. It's meant to be the only cosmetics bag you'll Ever Need! Find your forever bag HERE!


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