Packing for the Pool with Sly Beauty Cosmetics

The hot days of summer are here which means more pool days are to come! One of the top things we hear from customers time and time again, is just how useful their Aerosol case is for pool trips! Here’s a few helpful hints on how we like to pack our bags for those fun summer days.
The Aerosol Case: Perfect for all your poolside lotions and potions! Whether it be sunscreen, oil, wipes, or lotion, the Aerosol is meant to store all of those hard to place liquid items. We also LOVE using our Aerosols for wet swimsuits for the kiddos in your life-it’s the perfect spot to store away those wet swimmers until you get home. With the material being water resistant and wipeable, you don’t need to worry about water stains or mildew!
The Horizon Duo: We love storing all our random small items in the Duo. Everything from sunglasses, chapstick, phone, wallet, and a granola bar (or two!) to enjoy poolside fit perfectly. 
We LOVE seeing how you use your Sly Beauty Bags during these fun summer months-be sure to send pictures of your Sly Summer fun our way!


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